Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Declaration of Independence

Daily Kos often tells it like it is. But when reading the July 2 post by Hunter about right-wing bloggers seeking information on the home addresses of New York Times editors -- or schools of their children -- the phrase "a collection of repulsive little scabs no smarter than their own shoes" jumped out at me. Well, only the "no smarter than their own shoes" part. See, I was a registered member of the Daily Kos blog for a while, but then I switched Firefox and somehow lost the password, which I had not written down. I know, that makes me no smarter than my own shoes.

I looked around for the lost password link, the one we've all seen on numerous websites, the one that emails the password of the user to the address of the user. I found it: Lose Your Password?

I went there, and entered my email address, only then noticing that the page said:

Enter your email into the box, and if there is an account name associated with that email, that username will be mailed to the email address given.

I figured that was a mistake, and pressed the "Mail username" button. I mean, they'd have to be no smarter than their own shoes to create a tool called "Lose your password?" which only mails you your user name.

An email appeared in my inbox:

Someone requested that the username associated with this email be sent

Your username on Daily Kos is brainhell.

Brilliant! I lose my password and they tell me my user name. That's like calling a locksmith after losing your key, and they tell you where you live. It's a system designed by people no smarter than their own shoes.

I went to their feedback form a few days ago and mentioned the problem. No response. Why should there be? DK is read by huge numbers of people. Why should one tiny voice matter?

Kos is a Democrat. He's proud of it. And that's OK. But it reminds me of why I'm darn proud to be registered "Decline to state." The Republicans and their Greens and boorish rebel poseurs are destroying this county -- but with few exceptions, the Democrats are boobs, like whoever designed the lost password page on Daily Kos.
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