Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dr. Quack

I am not sure my pill-swallowing is still improved, and I know my speech has gotten worse. My right biceps is weakening, and I have trouble holding the electric toothbrush in my mouth. Sometimes when I try to lift a forkful of food, the arm just stops, or jitters. My 'walking' is worse, and more dangerous. I am getting worse, and not better. I still have hope for the Lyme treatments, but it is possible that the Lyme kicked off a deadly apoptosis chain reaction that amounts to the same thing as ALS.

Dr. Quack says that's possible. He is taking me off of minocycline and switching my daily ceftriaxone infusion to twice a day (for four contiguous days), with a three day break. I still must flush the line with a saline and a heparin on the days off.

I asked him whether I should take the colloidal silver that some ALS patients take, but he said he worried about possible side effects, and nixed the idea.

He also nixed the Salt Cure for Lyme.

He again pushed the hyperbaric oxygen, something he has mentioned before and which we blithely ignored. We ignore most of what he tells me to do, about which I feel slightly guilty.

He says he thinks the rifampin I started May 31 is the reason I have not been constipated since June 1. Hard to argue that, but I don't agree.
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