Thursday, July 27, 2006



Thank you for your continuing kindness to us.

Many people when speaking of the addition use phrases like "...move brainhell into it." But my wife and I will both move into it. This kind of talk makes me feel like an object, and might not help in framing the kids' world.

You inadvertently mentioned the blog in front of the kids, and their aunt. It's not safe to discuss in front of the kids. My son is very inquisitive and perseverant, and I am not good at lying to him.

I am sending a separate email with an apology for Matthew.


When you and your mom came to Santa Barbara and we all went to the beach, I spoke in a mean way to you, and I should apologize. I was riding my wheelchair in your direction when you asked me if I was going to go swimming. This annoyed me, and I came over to you and your mom and asked if you were going swimming. You said you were waiting for the others. In a mean way, I said you shouldn't wait, you should just swim.

I was mean because I thought you were teasing me, and I apologize.

I should have understood that you had a genuine question, and I should have said something like "I can barely walk, and I am very weak and slow. It would be dangerous for me to try to swim. I would probably drown."

I hope that you had fun at the zoo and at the beach.


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