Sunday, July 02, 2006

If Daddy gets better

If I do some day regain functionality, for example, improved walking and talking, I don't think we should say to the kids: "Daddy's cured!" or even "Daddy's getting better." I think we should leave it to them to remark on any improvement, to which my response should be to shrug and say "Maybe it comes and goes."

I want them to see me enjoying and appreciating life and health, but being mindful that it's a temporary gift.

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At 10:45 AM today I noticed a tummy upset, similar to the ache I felt at the start of the agony of Friday, May 19, 2006. I thought the one at that time was due to my ingesting a very small amount of hand sanitizer, but I also thought it might be a gall stone attack. Constant use of ceftriaxone (the drug I infuse every day) can cause gall stones. The stomach ache caused me to um 'use' the bathroom for a second time at 11 AM, though I already had done so in the morning. Eating a high-fat diet is supposed to increase the risk of gall stones. Last night we had pizza, and this morning I had those little sausages with breakfast. Too soon, I'm sure, but I wonder... Worried that it might be the start of another pain agon, I took a three-year-old leftover vicodin at 11:30 AM. This indicates how worried I was, because I hate drugs. The pain must have been real, and might have become bad, because otherwise the vicodin would have let nothing through. Unless they design the molecule to degrade rapidly with time, in order to discourage after-market recreational use. In any case, the pain was uncomfortable ("Why can't I find a comfortable position?") but never extreme. And by 12:30 it had declined to about 10 percent of its worst, and I was able to sit up and write this, rather than lying on the carpet in the hallway. Now at 1:30 I'd say it's about 5 percent of what it had been at worst. I love my wife.

I could be totally wrong but I feel that my pill swallowing has gotten better. That vicodin I took is big. And just this moment I took a smaller pill by accident. It went down before I even tried! And a visiting friend says my speech is better. I often find that I can still cause my mush mouth to put enough consonant on words to make them intelligible.
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