Sunday, July 09, 2006


Our shower is in a tub. The shower in the addition won't be, but that bathroom isn't ready yet. Because of where our showers bars are, I get out of the tub by grabbing the bar with my right hand, planting the right foot, and lifting the left leg over, using the strength of the left side.

Lately the problem is that left left foot has a lot of trouble clearing the edge of the tub, which is a couple of inches below my knee. Coming out on the other foot just wouldn't make sense or be safe, given the geometry of our bathroom. And I know several people have said to use the shower chair. But we have no flex-line shower head.

And I'm stubborn. The showering will be good in the addition in about a week, where I may use the chair, and can use the flex line nozzle.
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