Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I'm blogcasting today for the first time from the new addition. This is very good. More on that topic later.

I took a picture of my son watching his first-ever episode of original Star Trek on DVD (the Gorn episode). He looked like an idiot. That's what TV does to you.

A few weeks later, while he was sick, I photographed him solving a simple chess problem online. He looked like he was thinking. That's what chess does to you.

We have shown the kids two DVDs: March of the Penguins and Winged Migration. He had seen Winged Migration at his grandma's house and absolutely loved it. You might think our showing them DVDs would set off a firestorm of demand for more, more, more!

But my daughter tended to hop up and go play after about 10 minutes of watching, and my son issued the most classic line of all time: "You can turn it off now, Dad, I want to read."

On a recent road trip he asked that we put on the Joni Mitchell CD, and chatted with his aunt about how great
Joni is.

Ideal kids.
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