Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I was somewhat a prisoner of our study when I went in there. Because the door is narrow, the angles and the carpet were wrong, I had to get out of the chair and knee-walk to the computer. An equal effort was involved in getting back out.

So once in there, I tended to evaluate everything in comparison to the effort involved. Hence I tended to asked my cogent wife for every little thing, whether in the study or out:

- a liter of tepid water
- a large, empty cup
- my food/smoothie on my desk
- bring my camera

Now that my medications and computer are in the new addition, whose doors, angles and carpets favor my wheelchair, I plan to fill a lot of these needs by myself.

Yesterday I even took out my own trash to the trash can in front of the house. Although my tall wife did help me in many ways, I got my own liter of tepid water and large empty cup, and put my own smoothie on the desk. And my own spoon.
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