Friday, August 25, 2006


1. Sunday 2:35 AM another (4th) episode of severe dull (not sharp) abdominal pain. Others have all been in daylight while sitting. This one came on much more quickly (not because I was asleep and didn’t notice), while the others have had a half-hour buildup. I also began sweating much more quickly, whereas prior to this it was always at the very last stage. Previously I felt like defecating and vomiting, but not this time. I took two (2) date-expired vicodin and by 2:55 I was no longer thrashing and moaning. By 3:30 I was comfortable and soon slept.

Gallstones, I have read, are a ‘sharp’ pain?

I’ve taken daily IV Rocephin since March. Risk of gallstones. What percentage?

The nurse practitioner said gallstones do indeed cause a sharp pain. Said she doesn't know the percentages, but typical factors are (1) female (2) fat (3) over 40. I am over 40. She urged me to use the prescription for ultrasound that I already have, and gave me a new prescription for vicodin.

2. The steroid inhaler the doctor prescribed is not reducing my cough despite daily use. I have heard there are new, stronger medications.

No doubt some of it is psychosomatic, as I always cough right before putting food in my mouth.

But it makes life harder to cough.

She prescribed Advair again. At least we think that worked.

3. Crotch rot. I had jock itch and underarm itch, probably from not drying thoroughly after showers. Both responded to OTC antifungal creams and the itches are gone, BUT I have a constant bad smell from my crotch, like dead flesh. I think something is still feeding there. I am almost always sitting in my wheelchair, and I noticed my underwear harboring body moisture. For over a week now I have worn no underwear and washed very thoroughly, however the smell persists.

She gave me a prescription for stronger antifungal cream and advised me that the key is to keep things dry. She suggested that I use a hair dryer set on low to strafe the terrain after showering.
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