Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Roomba Red

My Roomba 1.0 a few years ago died from battery failure. Now, with the new bedroom, a new Roomba "Red." I ran it for a few minutes the first night, then emptied the tray, seen here as the curved section with "iRobot" painted on it. I put the tray back in, though it took some doing, since my hands are clumsy. The next day, I wanted to see if it would indeed return to the charging station when done, as advertised. It ran for about an hour, and when I went back in the room, it had indeed returned to the charging station. But the carpet seemed no cleaner. There were little bits everywhere. Not far from the charging station, I found the dust tray, which had probably fallen off in the first minute. The rest of the hour, it had run around happily sucking up dust and spewing it out the back.

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