Sunday, September 24, 2006


When Dr. Quack said just over six months ago that most Lymes disease patients show signs of recovery after "five or six months" of antibiotic infusions. I did the mental math and came up with the date of September 2, six months after my first infusion (of this round) on March 2.

Am I showing signs of recovery?

On 9/19 I sat up in bed on my first try, and stood up (holding the invalid's bar) on the first try! No comical falling backward!

Every time I do something well, I tell myself it's a sign of recovery.

Here are the grip-strength charts, with the latest data from 9/20/06:

Left grip is 35 pounds (35, 34, 31), right grip is 15 pounds (14, 15, 7).

Oh that guy's dead!

We Shall See.

I do not know what the length of my life will be, and neither do you know your fate. But my life has been so satisfying, and the people I love, my wife and children so good, that even if my life were to end as soon as I typed the period on this sentence, I would not hesitate.
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