Friday, September 08, 2006


Mamabear left a comment a while back that impressed me. A lot. So I offer it for you to read:

Pee in a jug, symptom control, loss of freedom regards activities of daily living. It is what I do as a nurse every night.

I know this doesn't make sense but sometimes it is painful for me to read yer blog knowing there is nothing I can do or say to alleviate yer pain. I carry you in my thoughts at work and try to minister to those under my direct control....I give them the vicodin, morphine, dilaudid. I rub the antifungal cream, administer the IV antibiotics and fluids. You would be surprised to know how often I think of you and pray for you.

Many times, usually with the elderly, I will be cleaning up lakes of diarrhea, and the little person will be so embarrassed and say to me, "how can you do this work?" and I usually reply to them "today is your day, tomorrow or the next day will be mine, we take turns don't we? I hope I have a good nurse to care for me when it is my time. Relax and let me care for you today."

it usually puts their mind and heart at ease.

I hope you have a good nurse and support system Brainhell. I am sure you do. is the human experience and we must go our way alone. I hope my prayers and wishes for your strength and peace of mind reach you in yer alone times.

By continuing to share yer life with us you show us how strong and capable you really are. It is quite inspiring. When my time comes to deal with whatever adversity is thrown my way.....I will whisper "Brainhell" and remember.

Still..right now, I feel pretty helpless.
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