Friday, September 29, 2006

Dr. Quack

In our recent visit, Dr. Quack said he thought I was no worse than two months ago, and he prescribed a couple of new drugs. This is a chart of my grip strength:

The temporary increase in strength was after starting minocycline. We are going to start that again immediately.

I have been noticing since roughly March that when my temperature is taken, the reading is always a bit low. At the Dr. Quack visit it was 97.8 F. He said this is the ideal Lymes temperature. He said the bacteria get into your hypothalamus and down-regulate your temperature to the level that's best for them.

If that explains my temperature, that suggests to me that the past six months of ceftriaxone infusions have not disturbed my pathogens.

When I asked, he said use of an infrared sauna might help. He's a bit slow and parsimonious with useful information. I think that's because he has so many patients, due to the reluctance of medical insurance to treat Lymes.

They asked the imaging center for the report on my ultrasound after we reminded Dr. Quack of it.
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