Saturday, September 16, 2006

Other thing

Oh yeah, and this other thing also arrived on Tuesday, the day they installed the closets.

I had a lovely lady cover the keyboard with plastic wrap, because gobs of liquid involuntarily fly out of my mouth from time to time. I cut and taped a hole in the plastic wrap for the trackpad, but I have ordered a wireless mouse. When I did so, I found out that when ordering the 'MacBook,' I could have got the printer for free. That was an $80 lesson learned.

I already have a pole that will attach the laptop to the wheelchair. The laptop can speak words that I type, which should help me communicate.

I would greatly prefer a program that has a predefined palette of common words that I could click on to build a sentence. I have not found one yet while searching the web using all-words: 'macintosh speech disability software palette.'

It would speak word by word, or only when the user told it to. And the user could always resort to typing in a small text box and have the Mac speak the phrase.

Surely there must be one. It would be so simple to program.

If any of you know of one, please tell me. And yes, I know that there are PC speech palettes. I have one in a 23-pound box under my desk. Unopened. The laptop shipped at 9.25 pounds, including container, packaging, cords, and other bits.

This laptop has a built-in iSight camera. I have already used it to make a video. I have the same setup as renetto, a star on YouTube, which must now be repeatedly accused of treason and terrorism in a kill-the-messenger move because some righties don't like uncontrolled thinking.

UPDATE: LTG provided a link to a product, and I just ordered it on the net. Blogging is not pointless.
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