Thursday, September 07, 2006

Robot exoskeleton

I remember reading in Wired magazine a few years ago about a Starship Troopers type of suit for our soldiers, that is under development in the here and now. It's basically a pair of mechanized legs the troop wears, and a frame up the back. The idea is that one could carry 200 pounds and still sprint. I think I watched a video of it in action. Does anyone else remember that?

Plus, they got these sorry-ass, tiny little Sony robots.

I can't walk anymore. But I know that if I wore a robot exoskeleton I could. There are already computer interfaces that observe your pupils to control a mouse. My robot exoskeleton would observe my pupils and set waypoints to go where I wanted. If I make a mistake, the thing protects me so that I don't fall.

Why don't I have one already? Why can't buy one? This is a huge oversight.

UPDATE: Ask and you shall receive. John has been following this issue for a while, and provides the article in New Scientist.

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