Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tracey Ullman

I used to watch The Tracey Ullman Show on television (gasp!). I once told a girlfriend that she reminded me of Tracey Ullman. "You mean Uma Thurman?" she replied, "Thanks!"

On The Tracey Ullman Show there was a short cartoon that I liked, called "The Simpsons." It was too good. When the network devoted an entire series to The Simpsons, I called my sister, told her there was this really great new cartoon series, and made her PROMISE to tape every single episode on their VCR1, because the concept was so good that the series would be canceled right away. I said this.

They had things like VCRs. I had a 13" black and white TV sitting on 'furniture' I liberated from the trash bin area at the supermarket.
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