Monday, October 02, 2006


It is evident that three World Trade Center towers were brought down by controlled demolition after two were struck by airplanes on 9/11/2001. In 30 years you may all know this in the same way that you can know that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was faked. But I might not be alive to remind you that you'd been told. I'm not the first to tell you, but I am the most handsome.

The 9/11 believers have increasingly complex and nuanced explanation for everything, like the orbits upon orbits of the spheres of the Sun and planets circling around the Earth before Copernicus.

They can explain the melted steel burning for weeks afterward, the fortunate collapse of the basement levels, the fact that the second tower struck collapsed first, the fact that WTC 7, not hit by a plane, collapsed neatly into its own basement, whereas smashed and gutted buildings hit by tower debris did not collapse. They can explain the neatly bevel-cut beams near the basement, and why fires not hot enough to melt steel did so, despite most of the jet fuel exploding outside the towers. They can explain all that. Easy for them. They believe.

We've heard the pancake explanation many times. Most people accept it. But it's not as though every reputable structural engineer has explained the collapse of the towers. In fact, the society of engineers issued a report saying that the accepted theory had a "low probability" of occurring.

I am told that if I have questions about 9/11, I must believe in a conspiracy, that for example Bush planned it.

Not true.

Maybe Al Qaeda prepped the buildings with explosives. Maybe they got to the owner and had him do it. Maybe the people around Bush saw an opportunity for a sea change in which America threw off the restrictions that chaffed the neo-conservatives. Maybe any combination of these ... or some scenario not yet considered.

The buildings were blown that day. I wish I could live to read about how and why in the history books.
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