Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sexy lady doctor

The sexy lady doctor came to see us after my feeding on Friday morning. Other than the glorious and continual presence of my dear wife, the visit of the sexy lady doctor was the only bright spot of the whole, awful, experience.

She looks, I think, like the character Seven of Nine from Star Trek.

She held my hand. For a long, long time, in full view of my darling wife. The two of them had a long conversation while I closed my eyes and held hands with the sexy lady doctor.

Then Dr. Evil arrived and the sexy lady doctor let go of my hand. This is when he talked about my need for control.

This morning circa 630 AM I felt several 'burps' at the PEG incision, separated by several minutes. I was a bit gassy, and duly farted. But I felt for liquid and there was none. After getting up, I saw no liquid residue so I hope it was gas pushing INTO the tube rather than around the seal.
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