Saturday, November 18, 2006

I've told you how sympatico my local neurologist is. Well out of the blue I got a new infusion nurse (the one who changes the port needle weekly). She's very sympatico too. Plays chess, a Trekker, plays strategic war games. Kindred spirits. Turns out that by way of an ex-husband, she is already friends with my local neurologist!

Cool people form networks.

She's getting better at chess, almost beat me recently.

Winning isn't everything...

Yeserday the allergist pricked my arms 29 times and said I'm allergic to rye grass, Bermuda grass, some kind of bacteria that begins with an 'A' and is generally not found in houses, and dust mites. He gave me two inhalers, and a prescription for medication to be delivered via a nebulizer, yet another piece of medical equipment to fill our house.

My lovely wife came with me.
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