Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Now hear this

OK, I have completed my hospital tale.

I have many more stories to tell. But I don't owe you people anything. And I have to put it that way because I have become very fond of you, my online family. However, I have an actual family, and letting them down is worse than failing y'all.

I have been pleased and amazed to see the average number of daily visitors to this blog reach 153 -- readership growing slower than the internet itself!

My body is very messed up. A guy emailed me recently and said that because I write so well, people might thing I was doing better than I am. I'm not doing well.

Here is a watercolor based on a photograph of my beloved wife and I on our honeymoon:

I have my hopes, but looked at rationally, my case closely matches the ALS death spiral.

Yes, I plan to keep posting, but don't freak out if I go a few days or weeks without posting. I owe you nothing.

Thank you all for reading and commenting and emailing. I didn't plan on having this horrid affliction, nor did I imagine what a great group of strangers would accompany me.
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