Tuesday, November 28, 2006


You are playing Risk well and learning quickly. I have some information that can improve your play:

Your chances of rolling a 6 are one in six, or 1/6. So are the chances of the defender. And in case of a tie, the defender wins. So from this we can assert the following:

+Try not to plan attacks where you have fewer armies than the defender. That just means that the defender has two dice for a longer time, and more chances to win.

Also, the key to winning is controlling more continents. This gives you extra armies. So from this we can assert the following:

+ Try to take away a country on each continent that your opponent owns.

+ Try to get continents, and put large groups of armies at the edges, the places another player might try to attack to deny you the extra armies.

Most importantly, KNOW WHEN TO STOP ATTACKING! Decide what your objective for that turn is, and stop after achieving it. Taking a lot of countries spreads your armies thinly over the board, and makes you vulnerable to counterattack.
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