Monday, November 27, 2006

Sorry I did not come to the conference today. I wasn't ready. Plus, I had a horrible coughing fit.

I haven't heard my wife's account of the conference, just looked at her minimal topic notes and our son's journal. It seems that you are seeing evidence of 1. him not feeling challenged and 2. daily moods.

We don't want him to develop a bad attitude about school.

Often what kids say and do in class is a replay of their parents. But we have never told him that school work is beneath him. We rarely talk about school at all.

We took responsibility for acquiring supplemental materials for the class. I now realize that given my disability and my wife's state of overwork, that was a mistake. I would therefore ask if you can think of advanced optional materials the class might benefit from, and that you could challenge our son with. I am guessing this might cost less than $200, but if you have something great in mind that costs more, by all means let us know.
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