Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Typical post at the Hooah Wife blog and my response:

The People Vs. The First Amendment

I heard on the news, though I can’t find a link yet, that the men who were the brunt of Michael Richards tirade are planning on suing him. Question. Why? Isn’t what he said, no matter how ignorant, covered under the First Amendment? You know, that whole Freedom of Speech thing. Now, there are times when I don’t like the first amendment but to sue someone for exorcising that right is pushing it a little. I don’t like what Michael Moore has to say, does that mean I can sue him. Can I sue the people who call me a Nazi and war cheerleader? BH, I’ll see you in court.

1. brainhell Says:
November 26th, 2006 at 2:04 pm e

When I took a media law class during my masters at a major, prestigious university, I learned a little about the First Amendment. I’m gonna guess here that the cause of action will not be his speech, but the contractual relationship between paying customer and entertainer, which he violated by heaping emotional distress and false light on them. Don’t worry. Chris, the First Amendment still protects speech; You can’t sue Michael Moore. I never called you a Nazi, but recall the class discussion on hyperbole and you’ll see that I could. I have said that you cheer for war and are a single male of service age who has no plan to enlist. That makes you a hypocrite, which, in other contexts, you have called yourself.
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