Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yesterday the gut ache started at 4:45 PM. At first I thought it was gas, then poop urge. Made big poop. Called admired wife and slurred "Come home!" Then because of pain, at 4:55 I took one vicodin. Can chew them. Spilled water on floor and shoes.

She came home and helped me get on bed. By 5:45 was feeling much better. I thought the pain was less intense, brifer because have been taking one lipo-similase daily. Now plan to take two or three. Darling wife says: Should be with each meal.

At 1:27 AM pain returned, milder. Metaphor: Healthy, vigorous young man punches you in your relaxed gut. I imagined nurse Mamabear sitting in a chair at bedside saying "Hold on, brainhell. Hold on, it's only pain. Find a good enough position and leave well enough alone."

But at 3:02 AM I woke my beloved wife and had her grind a vicodin and put it through the PEG tube.

Still hurt. At 4:55 AM I woke free from pain, slept again. At 7 AM it was hinting at a return to pain. At 9 AM I asked for half a vicodin via tube, got up with much help, and completed writing this. Right now it's like a stomach ache.
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