Saturday, December 23, 2006

1. My adroit wife has a method for getting me out of bed that I would like you to use. She wraps my legs and brings them down when she pulls up my head. This is better, because putting my legs down first tightens my throat, and I might choke.

2. Please pull my torso farther forward when you sit me up. No one leans me forward enough, and I struggle. One of the tricks I use is to put my right foot under the wheelchair. But the left foot often stiffens against the floor, so if you could rotate the left under the bed (like a clock hand turning), that would help. I have knee joints which easily flex to the side. I can sit with my legs bent like the letter "M."

3. Because I cannot speak, I often say "No!" when I mean, "Not yet, thank you." It does not mean that I don't want help, just that I need to get ready first, by swallowing, breathing, or shifting my weight. Please keep that in mind.

Most of all, thank you for your valuable help!
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