Saturday, December 30, 2006

Constipation. Have Milk of Magnesia and suppository in me. Last poop was Dec. 24.

I started to cough around 3:17 PM, but then sat on the toilet until after 6, and there was no coughing, After I came out of the bathroom, the cough resumed.

I need help getting on and off the toilet.

I shat myself at 8 PM, precisely when she was getting the kids to bed. Go ahead and laugh: I'm wearing a Depends as I type this.

You know who dealt with all this all day. All praise my saintly wife.

We went to see the pulmonologist that the allergist referred us to. Lots of stress and I missed my shower due to the early time of the appointment. Completely useless, he was yet another person who told me that my lungs are fine. His examination of the X-Rays could have been done without us having to show up in person.
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