Friday, December 01, 2006

It is very easy when trying to help me with the feeding tube to get stomach fluid on your hands. It smells like vomit. It is vomit. I don't want to vomit on your hands, so please read carefully, and do not do any given thing without first getting my consent. Don't assume!

-Use a small container to empty the lipo-similase capsule into. Add a small amount of water, and stir.
-Check that the valve on the line from the gravity bag is all the way closed.

-Shake up the two Jevity cans. Pour one into the gravity bag. Add the lipo-similase solution. Add the other Jevity can.

-Close the top on the bag, and hang it on the pole.

-Carefully open the cap on the end of the stomach tube.

-Carefully insert the red, pointed end of the gravity bag line into the end of the tube. A snug fit is desired.

-Carefully undo the tape around the white, plastic stomach tube clamp. Make a mental note of how the tape was placed on the clamp, as you will later be asked to replace it.

-I will open the clamp, or indicate that you should.

-I will open the valve on the gravity bag line to the extent I desire.

-A long time passes, 30 to 90 minutes, while the food bag drains into my stomach. I will then ask you to assist me.

-Using an empty syringe, draw in 60 mL of water (the black part of the syringe plunger will be near -- but not at! -- the end of the syringe tube).

-I will hold the white clamp closed while you carefully remove the red, pointed end of the gravity bag line.

-Insert the syringe nozzle all the way into the end of the feeding tube. Maintain your grip, so that the syringe does does slide out of the tube, as it often does.

-Indicate to me that I may open the clamp.

-After the clamp is open, gently push the water from the syringe into the line. It should take about 10 seconds. If there is a small air bubble, good, but insert the air slowly into the tube

-Tell me to clamp the tube.

-After the tube is clamped, put the cap back on the end.

-Obtain a length of making tape about three inches long.

-Indicate to me that I can let go of the clamp. The clamp will remain closed.

-After I let go of the clamp, wrap the masking tape around it, so as to prevent it from popping open again. DO NOT allow the clamp to pop open, even a little bit. (It tends to click when loosening.) The objective is to tape the closed clamp so that itt says closed.

No barf on your fingers? Thank you, and congratulations!
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