Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The ring finger of my right hand, my only usable hand, is 'sticking' spasmodically these days, due to nerve deterioration. My blogging days are numbered. Hopefully it is a large number. We Shall See.

Sissyben is blogging again!

Some time ago, I published on the net the first part of my fictional history of the Gore Administration. I have now added the rest of what I wrote, in case you want to read it. I will never finish this novel. This is a typical passage:

"This stuff about Gore working weekends was always leaking out of the White House in those days," Brooks said. "You almost expected there to be a press release if he ever didn't work a weekend. The guy was so insecure in his office that he never once took a vacation in the first nine months of 2001. People started joking that the was the Teflon president: You know, stuck to the pan."
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