Monday, December 25, 2006

Slept well. Feel fine. I think we beat the upchuck bug.

She was in her twenties and sexy. Very. Women with bodies like hers were why the term 'bombshell' was applied. She had a sexy face too and a flirty personality.

I defy a hetero man to have met her and not have carnal thoughts.

Plenty did. I was 30, but it did not occur to me that she might consider me suitable. I now think that I was one of at most three whom she considered.

She once told me she was weary of boyfriends giving her credit card and saying "Here, get whatever you want."

After I left that job I ran into her on the streets about a year later. She was chain smoking and jumpy and said "They have me going to the weekly Director meetings. The Director! I have nothing to contribute. I don't even know why I'm there!"

We were not close friends, so it would have been mean and degrading of me to say "Maybe you're there because someone hopes to associate themselves in the Director's mind with sexy you."
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