Tuesday, December 19, 2006

When I get in bed I will stand using grab bar. Then, when signal, put your hand on the back of my neck, to prevent falling. I will SLOWLY sit -- be patient. Then I will reposition chair. You plug it in. Then I lie down and roll to my left side, and you cover me.

Getting me up in the morning:
At 7 AM when the kids wake up, raise both my knees while I am on my back, and wrap the lower legs with one arm while putting the other hand behind my head. When I (not you) count to three, in one smooth motion lower my legs to the floor and raise my head. (The weight of the legs going down helps the head come up). Then make sure I am stable. Ask me before letting go. I may ask you to move my left leg back under my center of gravity. If you do so, be careful not to tip me over. I will then indicate that you should grab me under the left armpit. When I count to three, help me stand. DO NOT let me tip -- keep me straight! If I make noises of alarm, it is because I am tipping. I MIGHT indicate that you should move my left foot. Confirm, and do it with your own foot -- do not lean over! Then I will slowly and laboriously turn and sit in the chair. Hold on to my left armpit, but if I seem to want to lean, let me lean. Leaning is how I get my feet to move. If I make distress noises, then buttress me.
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