Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hooah Wife contributor Indian Chris is not only philosopically wrong, he often factually humiliates himself. And like his hero Dear Leader, he won't admit it.

But I'm starting to think he might be right about one thing. He dourly predicted that Hillary Clinton will be our next president.

Until recently, my own stance was: Never happen. For one thing, the Albatross. The media loves to snicker at Bill Clinton. Never mind that he helped make this country better, stronger, more responsible, more respected and more prosperous ... he used to jog to a McDonalds!1 No one wants a third term for Bill, they'll say.

Plus, add in the Eva PerĂ³n angle, insinuate ego and feminist-socialist anger make her power mad, and she's sunk.


But half the eligible voters in this country are women. They're not going to vote for her just because she's a woman, but they may want someone smart, tough, responsible and fair. She'll seem a welcome change from the elite, weak, frat boy liar George Bush.

The '06 vote shows that voters were annoyed with ALL Republicans. And that mood looks likely to continue as the Iraq defeat plays out slowly for the rest of Bush's term.

I believe (though I don't know) that HC has the biggest campaign fund of any Democrat. That, plus her selling points, makes me admit that she's likely to be the nominee.

Meanwhile the 'maverick' John McCain -- her likely opponent -- continues to soil himself with repeated support for Bush's failed policies.

Whoever the GOP nominates for '08, they'll have more money than HC, and the media on their side. But the appetite for change may be so strong that HC might win.

I hate to make predictions, given how wrong I usually am, but I have to conclude that Indian Chris is right.


1. As Arkansas governor, where he would get water and coffee.

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