Thursday, January 25, 2007

If you've been following my antics on Hooah Wife, this post will make sense to you. If not, less so.

I played chess with Silke Wednesday night. She won. She beat me. She schooled me. She trounced me. She sharked me. She rooked me. Well, she didn't need to rook me. All I saw was a queen and a knight, and kabam! I didn't even save the moves. I hope she did. True, my last move was stupid, but hey.

As promised, I blame my disability. I had extra bad coughing that day (and during the game), and saliva issues so bad that later that evening I briefly could not breathe (maybe four seconds). So Silke, how's it feel beating a cripple? Huh? It's a simple question. Huh?

We played again, and I took her queen. Outright. Then I got her bishop outright. which made up for three points she scored on me. I slid my queen in to where her king was stowed, and checked her. She blocked with a knight but I was going to bring in my bishop to enable me to take the knight and flush the king. I was going to do some schooling of my own!

Heh heh heh.

And then Firefox crashed!!!!!!

Because I was disconnected, I lost the game.

You know who got me curious enough about Firefox to try it? That's right ... Indian Chris.
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