Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It finally happened! I played a blog reader in chess. I'm honored that Sis B was the one. She's an articulate, intelligent young woman (and cute, too!). She's the mother of two, one of whom, the infant Sprout, was sleeping on Sis's lap until the point in the first game where I threatened checkmate. The game was even up till that point, then Sprout woke, and distracted Sis. I slammed in the mate and then felt guilty -- for victimizing a mother trying to feed her child.

Sprout was nursing thoughout the second game, I gather from this end of the internet. We played on Yahoo, which is free. Any of you want to take me on, send an email.

The moves for the second game are as follows. I was impressed by her bishop move protecting the rook and threatening my queen (15. e3-d4) I was going to trade queens by threatening with the pawn (b7-b5), but then she blundered with the rook and I cleaned her clock (16. a1-b1 b2xb1+).

Thank you, Sis B!

Date: Tue Jan 23 03:32:04 GMT 2007

1. e2-e4 e7-e5
2. f1-d3 d7-d6
3. b1-c3 g8-f6
4. g1-f3 c8-g4
5. c3-d5 f6xd5
6. e4xd5 d8-f6
7. d1-e2 g4xf3
8. g2xf3 f8-e7
9. f3-f4 f6xf4
10. d3-c4 f4-f6
11. d2-d4 b8-d7
12. d4xe5 d7xe5
13. c1-e3 e5xc4
14. e2xc4 f6xb2
15. e3-d4 b7-b5
16. a1-b1 b2xb1+
17. e1-d2 b1xh1
18. c4xb5+ e8-f8
19. b5-d7 e7-g5+
20. d2-c3 h1xd5
21. d7xc7 d5-e6
22. a2-a4 a8-c8
23. c7-c4 c8xc4+
24. c3-d3 c4xa4
25. f2-f4 g5xf4
26. d3-c3 e6-d5
27. h2-h4 d5xd4+
28. c3-b3 d4-b4++
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