Sunday, February 04, 2007

46 nations call for tougher U.N. environment role

By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent Sat Feb 3, 9:45 AM ET

PARIS (Reuters) - Forty-six nations called for the creation of a more powerful U.N. environment agency on Saturday, saying the survival of humanity was at risk, but the United States, China and Russia did not sign up.

"We must realize that we have reached a point of no return, and have caused irreparable damage," according to the "Paris Call for Action" read out by French President Jacques Chirac after a two-day conference at his Elysee Palace.

By Aloster Diyle, Environment Correspondent Feb 3, 2013

PEORIA (Rueters) - U.N. police have apprehended an environmental terrorist who was spreading greenhouse poisons in the area through use of "gasoline" -- a pre-Kyoto fuel, in her van, which forged permits certified had a biodeisel engine.

Amanda DeLay had been permitted five children -- in excess of the legal limit of one -- because both her parents died in the War for Oil in Iraq.

"She also was granted exemptions because she claimed to be a gay pagan," said national Planned Parenthood Director Chelsea Clinton, appointed by President-for-life Hillary Clinton. "But in reality she is a het Christian," Clinton said, "So her current pregnanacy will be aborted and four of her children re-educated into fertilizer for hemp plants."
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