Saturday, February 17, 2007

If you want your writing to 'be published' (a phrase soon to be an anachronism) in a literary sense (fiction, poetry) or commercial (scripts, romance, war) ... get used to rejection. There are so very many people chasing the esteem in the first instance, and the dollars in the second, that you stand almost zero chance. If you are the next Hemingway or Steele, don't strive, just keep showing your work to friends and the world will find YOU. Otherwise ... get used to rejection.

If just being published is your main goal, consider local newspapers and magazines. Don't expect to make much money; Many people are there for the love of craft, and some, the young and the comfortable, do it for next to nothing.

If you don't want to do hard news, many newspapers have weekend, arts, opinion, and feature sections. All of this space is jealously and catttily competed for. Good luck, sucker...
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