Friday, February 16, 2007

Last night my right hip connector hurt a lot, which is why i was yelling 'ow!'

I have a mind that is attuned to words, despite how much I wanted a mathematical mind. In high school once, I was listeing to the teacher, but slouching, and gazing off toward the floor. Maybe I was twitching or tapping too. Suddenly the teacher asked "Brainhell, could you tell me what I just said?"

Being an insolent freak, I continued gazing toward the floor and repeated a full paragraph of what he's said, complete with pauses, umms, and emphases.

It was like a recording.

I now suspect that it was discussed in the teachers' lounge, because I remember it happening twice more that year with other teachers. I didn't notice a pattern at the time, I just thought teachers were uptight.

My son brought home a Spanish test with all the answers correct. On the back the teacher had written that he seems inattentive, but when you ask him a question, he gets it right.
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