Friday, February 02, 2007

My feeding tube became blocked recently and my sister took me to the E.R. where the nurse unplugged it in two minutes and then we waited two and a half hours to be released.

She massaged the block for about 30 seconds and then used a syringe to suck so hard that the normally round tube flattened. Pushing would have caused the alternate port's cap to pop off and create a spill.

The E.R. nurse said carbonate water can be used to clear a PEG

send kids out and lock the door and take down the key

you installed a ziptie on my old chair when the new controller came

we should try and THEN consider E.R.

if we must pick the implement, i favor the long plastic things from the pick-up-sticks game -- OR a ziptie ... we have some in workshop -- they have rounded ends and they flex. or buy some at hardware store

please trust me and listen ... a ziptie can be boiled and then used

hardware store has zipties and someone else can get them -- or me if i must

my mouth still works

need this 1/3 full and more kleenex -- new box

in art room is a locked cabinet, the combo is 00000

some zipties are very long

not too wide to fit inside tube

i must skip dentist and reschedule

i will control how far in it goes, but i will need you to spin it between you fingers to break up the clot


wait while i think

how long matters


o k

hold the tube end high so none spills - - above my stomach
and please don't be impatent


how much went in?

ok we give up -- i'll drink ensure if you pour an inch in the cup


tell her please

I drank the other water

i need both medical cards and visa

i will need a jacket and sweat pants and please put the laptop and mouse in the backpack by the door and hang it from the back of my chair

also bring a small water bottle -- near pillow on bed --and an empty cup from kitchen and this urinal

i will pee in bathroom then you will pull sweats over my shorts and put on jacket and we go -- need keys from here

this one operates lift -- need help ptting it in
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