Friday, March 09, 2007

911 was here AGAIN yesterday. was 'standing' against wall in bathroom to pee. some poop came partly out. tried to sit. started gagging on sudden thick saliva. dear wife came in, pulled shorts up. big mistake. sat on toilet. sitting and leaning forward is my method of emergency breathing. the shorts were too slick and i could not sit up. try explaining this when you cannot talk or move or breathe. not her fault. she brought the suction machine, which helped. i leaned forehead sideways against sink, found that nostrils worked. 911 came. kids were so excited to learn and play. one EMT spent his whole time answering their questions about the equipment. after a long time, 45 minutes, i could breathe clearly again and they left. i am now on a saliva-reduction drug. i hope it doesn't thicken it. after an hour's effort, saintly wife had me in clean dry clothes again.

The ALS clinic says my weight is down 0.7 pounds to 130. Last time, my FVC was up from 59 to 76. This time, they said it was down to 50. I never feel short of breah. They say they're puzzled why I don't have more breathing distress. They want me to have a test involving 'discomfort:' a needle in an artery to monitor my CO2 and 02 levels. They are not interested that my 02 saturation is 98 to 99 percent. They measured my heart rate at 83, typical since my 20s.
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