Monday, March 19, 2007

totally peed in my shorts while 'standing' in bathroom to pee. only my sister was here. that's not modesty, that taboo. my talk page:

you can help me using THIS PLAN:
all this in bathroom
put on plastic gloves
give me another towel
remove shoes, socks
i shove towel in crotch
you pull off shorts,
p ut onn socks not shoes
then pull new shorts up to knees
then you leave and i pull u p shorts


don't mop 'up' - - just evict

bucket to s pread water

...then, the next day, with my sister again caring for me, i made a point to go pee early and often. that worked. but because they worried that the saliva-reduction drug would constipate me, they put me on Mirilax. when my sainted wife came home i again 'stood' to pee, and made a big incontinent poop on the floor. my voluntary muscles must be too weak to stop it. guess who cleaned it up.

it gets worse. two days later, around 5 pm, i was again peeing, and again could not hold back the poop. i think it was the miralax again -- though my final dose was monday. i hope i'm not incontinent now. (good news: i pooped in the toilet yesterday.) my heroic wife dealt with it, AGAIN. this is so unfair to her.

then that night at bedtime she had to call 911 because i could not get air.
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