Sunday, April 29, 2007

when ronolulu visited recently, i threw a complete fit when a new night attendant showed up unexpectedly. last night an attendant who had been here once before dropped me. i fell lke a tree onto my back, my head smacking the floor inside the open closet. i was unharmed -- i think -- but my neck bones popped on impact. that was bad enough, but the struggle to lift me with the hoyer crane was worse, as my head was often bent forward so fiercely that my airway in my neck closed. i tried to protect myself by jamming my right fist under my jaw. naturally, they kept yanking my arm and hence fist away for the very 'important' purpose of lifting me with the harness.


many of you made good points in response to the raindrops problem, all of which i believe i thought of before posting.

some of you had misconceptions about the problem, to which i respond en masse by saying that i believe the problem was precisely, narrowly, and accurately crafted.

my answer is in bold above.

i welcome any valid explanation of my error.
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