Wednesday, April 18, 2007

this is part of a photo i took on 9/5/2002 while running with a buddy. it was sunny and hot, with distant clouds. we reached the top of a hill and raindrops fell on us, despite the sun. here's what i wanna know... (forget your credence clearwater revival): assume that the apparent diagonal pattern is truly diagonal within an ideal 4x4 grid [while writing this, i nearly fell out of my chair. only the side of my head against the keyboard sustained me long enough for my hero wife who i love to rush in and save me] ... and assuming a probability 'x' of a raindrop falling on a grid square during the brief shower before my photo, then what is the probability of the ideal diagonal occurring? if you read this blog, i DEMAND that you at least guess. aliases are required (e.g. magnetbabe), but be careful not to reveal your name, or email or web address in the comment. i know that some of you have knowledge of statistics, and i'll want you to check my guess, which i'll post when i darn well feel like it ... unless there are so few comments that i die choking on your heartlessness.
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