Wednesday, May 09, 2007

i had to pee before they got me out of bed. the (other) night attendant brought the urinal jug and placed it open end down over my plumbing the way you would use a cup to capture bee on a picnic table, or a fly or an ant. she is the one who dropped me. i was on my back. think about gravity. each time i shrieked and grabbed at the jug, she withdrew it. my observant wife came in and told her i didn't want the urine to flow down onto the bed. did not compute. she kept trying to cap it. she gave me the word board. 'think,' i pointed twice, then 'look ... think.' 404. pointing 'will it go up' (no time to spell 'flow') had no effect. mercifully, my merciful wife then suggested turning me on my side, knowing full well that i have yet to pee antigravitons.
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