Wednesday, May 02, 2007

my cinemacentric pal put the 1974 blaxploitation film 'foxy brown' on his favorites list, and i bought it on itunes for ten bucks. as of this writing, i have not seen all of the download. but it turns out that i remember some scenes, due to having seen it as a child:

-- her brother calls her while she is sleeping and we see that actress pam grier is very stacked indeed in her bra.
-- the implied blowjob scene.
--the manifesto scene where the street guy says that drugs are slavery.
-- she shoots off a piece of her brother's ear.
--the scene where she throws the corrupt honky judge to the floor and yells at him.

i watched it on tv when my father declared 'we're gonna watch this movie.' like it was a big event. my mother boycotted. when i reviewed the plot with him the next day, she remained silent. i don't recall where the middle sister was. probably she had been advised by mother that it was not for her,

he would never admit to wanting to watch a hot babe in a racy movie, so he pitched it as sociologically valuable. and maybe to help cure my gayness potential.

in '75 i was 12. i already had an active erotic imagination. i don't know why i reacted to it as an action movie and not a dirty movie ... then forgot it, unless it was because my father pitched it as sociology and could not conceive of him watching a dirty movie -- hence it MUST be action.

i now recall supporting her anti-drug vendetta the way i would have supported the star trek crew in one of their missions. the manifesto scene where the street guy says that drugs are slavery was the key to this.

when i proudly discussed our movie in front of my grimly silent mother, i focused on the ideas, not the fine booty. my father must have decided i was a homo.

ok, now that i have seen all of it, i know that it is a violent revenge tale. sure, there are a small number of scenes where you see more of pam grier than you would of julie andrews, but it's an action movie.
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