Friday, May 11, 2007

wednesday morning, i turned my wheelchair to watch my daughter. this surprised me because i usually have no energy. later that day, i positioned my wc to try to watch the kids and their mom in the back yard. i even dealt with some snail mail and a huge, oppressive backlog of email. also, i arranged for a semi-monthly payment to a darling and very loving friend of ours who found some vitamins -- mostly a huge dose of antioxidants -- that might help with ALS. she ordered them with her own money, and had to be convinced to let me pay half. thank you diane. i started taking them april 29, on diane's last visit.

as my goodly night attendant (not the one who dropped me and cut me under my jaw while shaving me) got me up thursday morning, i thought what a meat puppet i am -- she has to walk my feet across the carpet with her own, so completely useless my own muscles are. but once she sat me in the wc, i used my own legs to push myself back into the seat.

maybe the new vitamins are helping. everyone who has ALS should also have an intrusive, overly-giving jewish mother as a friend.

before you start offering me opportunities to further expand my 'recovery,' -- even start my NBA career -- stop. don't. this could be a blip, or due to the weather. i don't need the stress of declining hopeful suggestions. if i improve, i will let you know. don't push.
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