Saturday, June 30, 2007

i guess in some cultures, a closed door is rude. two of my caregivers from neighboring countries will not close the door when i ask, but leave it partly open.

i pee in a urinal, a plastic jug. they pull open the shorts on my left leg. i hold the jug, my head hung down, and the caregiver backs off because a watched pot.

they close the door when i pee. it's so the kids don't come in. or so i thought.

recently the caretaker 'closed' the door and set me up with the urinal. before i let flow i saw a camera's flash in my peripheral. out in the hall, i thought. but my son was in the room, in front of the caregiver. she began to converse with him. i tried to hold the jug with my legs. i used my right hand on the chair beeper to convey displeasure, and then he was asked to leave,
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