Monday, June 11, 2007

one time many years ago i met a woman wearing a star trek uniform. it looked good on her, or whatever she had under it made for a pleasant effect. on me. she said she was a member of a crew, and had just come back from one of their missions. it's a thing fans do. the missions might be things like cleaning up a beach. i did not let her know that i was a huge fan. she might think i was a geek.

it was a gathering at eva's place. eva, a friend of friends, was a looker. and how. i wanted her. i was jealous in reaction to her having a nebbishy little boyfriend that night. i didn't like him. at all.

i dealt with my lust for eva and the trekker not by trying to set up a trey, but by not asking eva out or flirting, not calling her, and never asking her about the trekker. yes my approach sounds stupid, but maybe the pre-born souls of my two amazing children were controlling me.
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