Sunday, June 24, 2007

please do. just get him to ease into exercise very slowly. once anything hurts or feels strained, he should stop. if he is macho, his playing days are over.

> "...the point of team sports is, using your body and your brain together,
> the brain planning moves, sure, but the body, often just reacting in split
> seconds, unpremeditated motion, knowing what it can do, what it thinks it
> can do anyway, and once in a while, once a year maybe, that perfect play,
> where all the forces and chances line up as your rushing legs and reaching
> arms, eyes, hands, lungs, even your hair are in rhythm, and you make that
> perfect pass, the assist, two bodies flashing create a tiny moment of space,
> and you put the ball through it, and your teammate is there, two hands, eyes
> locked on the ball, he grabs it, pivots, lifts, scores. Game over, you won.
> How many steals did you get? How many baskets? I want to play. I want to
> play again! I miss it. But I did play. At least, I did."

> my father played basketball all his life, and coached and ref'd, until
> he tore his achilles cycling and was crippled for a long while. now he is
> fine, but he thinks he is too old to be playing basketball, and he is
> probably right. i would like to send this to him. may i?
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