Saturday, June 23, 2007

there is some animal that rustles around by the bay window at night. it doesn't make the noise during daylight. it sounds as if the window were open, and someone were walking on pine needles outside. it's sporadic, not continuous like i would expect of an insect gnawing on something. but it's not loud and erratic like i would expect from a mouse. but something alive is moving by the window. it's been about a week. my caretaker heard it too. please search the area.

the other helper assumed i meant look OUTSIDE the house. my note was ambiguous. i should have made clear that the source was inside.

i had the night caretaker move everything away from the window and there was no noise. i explained my new theory that it was the pages of kid art leaned against the glass expanding and contracting while responding to moisture and temperature changes. that didn't stop people from saying that i had said it was a skunk, raccoon, or cat outside.
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