Thursday, June 28, 2007

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When Sara came out of the dressing room she walked quickly and she said the dress did not fit.

The woman who ran the shop said that sometimes a dress will be shrunk in the wash, and so the size on the label is no longer correct.

"And sometimes they are mislabeled from the start, which may be why someone sold it," she said diplomatically.

Sara sighed and hung the dress back, then turned to Neil and put her hands on the front of her thighs. "It was so perfect for me."

"It was just the right color," he said. It was a shimmering light turquoise and she had the dark hair, fair skin and grey eyes that would turn it into magic.

He wished it had fit her.

After they left the shop and walked out into the sun, she said "Can I ask you something?"


"Why were my purse and my sunglasses and my jacket all on the floor when I came out?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I put the purse on the floor and the glasses on the purse. The jacket must have fallen off the chair. I would have meant to keep them on the chair and next time I will."

Suddenly, in that little-girl voice that they both thought was funny, she said "It's okay."

He laughed.

To the left were the pines and some redwoods. Ahead they could see the seagulls and some dunes, but not the ocean. They could hear it . The town was separated from it only by the highway.

They walked down past the church, holding hands. There was a rise in the road and then it descended to some pastures where horses were.

At the market he bought a pastry and some juice. She watched him eat as they sat on the bench outside. He put his arm around her and people passing on the sidewalk would glance at the two of them and reach their own conclusions. It didn't bother him and he didn't want to bring it up for fear she would think it did bother him. He liked it, actually. It made her more exciting. But he couldn't say that either.

Her lips were beautiful and her eyes were kind. She leaned forward as he took a bite of the pastry and he watched her this time. Her lips were parted, her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes sparkled as though she were seeing something erotic.

"You want some?" he said.

"I just like to watch."

"You like to watch me eat?"

"It's a sensual experience."


"Watching you eat. For me, watching you eat, there is something sensual about it."

In the phony European accent he said, "I can pleasure you all day in this manner."

She laughed.

"Your laugh is the most beautiful thing," he said. "It's so satisfying to me."

"Oh, Neil."

Her lips were always beautiful, he thought. She leaned in to watch him take a bite, and he kissed her instead. It was the first time since the year before, but she seemed pleased.

"You have the face of a girl I would have fallen in love with in grade school. And I would have had a crush on you, which was a very romantic thing."

A little tear came to her eye and she smiled sadly while looking down. She put her arm through his and leaned against him. "Oh Neil," she said, "if only you were ten years older."

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