Monday, June 18, 2007

years ago i wrote a short story about my lover. like typical hemingway, it was vulnerable and emotional. unaware of the story, she informed me that 'men don't need emotional love.' playboy, hustler, and breast implants were the proof. i asked if i should insult her in response. imagine me saying this about africans or jews. her statement carelessly revealed ignorant bigotry. amazing what we men tolerate for love. during the argument, she asked me to show her emotional love. i showed her the story, which i told her predated the argument. she loved it. it moved her. she called it a 'poem.' which i knew was high praise. but then she thanked me for responding to her request. my point was that she was wrong about men. her thank-you made me the exception. i still don't know if she got my point.
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