Saturday, July 07, 2007

recognizing that a statement is false does not mean that you think the opposite is true.

i worked in the dorm kitchen. a pal tried to take me through the steps to god. the last question was 'and if this all-powerful creator existed, wouldn't you want to worship Him?'

no, i said, power does not equate to goodness.

after that he stopped trying to give me the gift.

your faith may be turn out to be 100 percent correct. so what?

the 'afterlife' conforms perfectly to a convenient lie.

and don't kid yourself that without your faith, i cannot be good, or know love or joy.

i possess the spiritual truth. believe me.

i accept you as a person of faith, and i'm glad you explained it. and i do want to hear from you, but must you praise god for everything, so often, to me?
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